Bertech offers Solder pots made by Esico and Plato. They are also known as bench top soldering pots and are primarily used for melting solder, dip soldering small circuit boards, tinning the ends of wire leads, re-tinning soldering iron tips. Solder pot is very useful for smaller jobs where reliable control of soldering temperature is essential. Solder pots includes dross skimmers. Solder pots are available in porcelain and cast iron crucibles.

General Purpose Plato Solder PotsGeneral Purpose Plato Solder Pots, RoHS Compliant

General purpose Plato solder pot have control temperature to ± 11°F (± 6°C) of a preselected setting from ambient to 925°F (496°C). It has a thermal timer switch with automatic correction for voltage fluctuation. A three index position control switch offers variable temperature control. Safety heat shield provides protection from potential harm from heated solder. Removable dross tray for easy cleaning is included.

This general solder pots has 2 lbs capacity with a 2.5" in diameter and 1.5" deep crucible. It has adjustable leveling feet. Shipping weight is about 11 lbs.

Applications: General Purpose Soldering, Dip Soldering, Cable Assembly, Wire Soldering.Order Now!

Digitally Controlled Solder Pots by EsicoDigitally Controlled Solder Pots by Esico, RoHS Compliant

Keeping with its tradition of product innovation a new line of digitally controlled precision solder pots are offered by Esico. With temperature such a critical factor in quality soldering, this new series of solder pots are designed to provide the industry's highest level of temperature control to ensure unmatched soldering accuracy and reliability. They are ideal for handling delicate projects that require high temperature and accuracy.

Applications: Soldering small parts, Magnet wire, Wire leads.Order Now!

Digitally Controlled Solder Pots by Plato, RoHS CompliantDigitally Controlled Solder Pots by Plato, RoHS Compliant

Plato Solder Pot is Digitally Controlled and exceeds the requirements of Military Specification ANSI (J-STD-001B). The solder pot has a temperature range from ambient to 925°F (496°C) and an LCD temperature display. Standard features includes: Precision temperature controlled to ± 5°F (± 2.75°C), capacity from 2 lbs to 32lbs depending on the model, three-wire, grounded UL listed cord,.LCD that displays preset temperature and operating temperature and adjustable leveling feet

Applications: Re-tinning soldering tips, Dip soldering for small Printed Circuit Boards.Order Now!

Porcelain Coated Solder Pots by Plato, RoHS CompliantPorcelain Coated Solder Pots by Plato, RoHS Compliant

Porcelain Coated Solder Pots are generally RoHS compatible and are easy to clean and offers long service life. Solder will not adhere to the crucible surface, allowing for easy maintenance. These Solder Pots are resistant to corrosion that is common with activated fluxes and high tin content solders.

Porcelain coated solder pots are available in general purpose form with mechanical controls as well as digitally controlled form with capacity of 2 lbs to 32 lbs.


Applications: Re-tinning soldering tips, Dip soldering for small Printed Circuit Boards.Order Now!



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