Bertech offers portable Ultrasonic cleaners that includes the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. These Ultrasonic Cleaners use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Ultrasonic Cleaners are coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, so you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time. They are faster, more consistent, and safer than any other cleaning product that utilizes an ultrasonic cleaning process. Hand scrubbing, soaking, or steam does not even come close.

General Purpose Ultrasonic CleanersGeneral Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaners, RoHS Compliant

General Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed for performance, control, durability and reliability for a variety of applications. Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and create consistent cavitation throughout the tank. They can also be used for cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners has 40KHz industrial Transducer and a 60 minute mechanical timer which can be set to run continuously

Applications: Dental, Medical and Biological labs, Printed circuit boards.Order Now!

Digitally Controlled Ultrasonic CleanersDigitally Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaners, RoHS Compliant

Digitally Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaners are the most technologically advanced ultrasonic cleaners available. With programmable features, digital operation with power tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads, high and low power control, degassing, they are the most versatile system available in the market.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners have 90 minute digital timer and continuous ultrasonic operation. They can be heated up to 69°C/156.2°F and can be set for Fahrenheit or Celsius. Last stored parameters are recalled when unit is turned back on.


Applications: Biological, Dental and Medical labs, Optical and Industrial facilities.Order Now!

Ultrasonic Pipette Cleaners, RoHS CompliantUltrasonic Pipette Cleaners, RoHS Compliant

Ultrasonic Pipette cleaners are a bench-top cleaners with dimensions specifically designed to ultrasonically clean pipettes and other tubular glass ware. Lipids, blood, and proteins are easily removed from the capillary bore of the pipette through the cavitation process. They are available in both heated and unheated versions

These Ultrasonic Cleaners have high efficiency industrial piezoelectric transducers that are attached to the tank bottom and operate at 40 kHz. These Pipette cleaners have a 2-3/4 gallon capacity cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator enclosed in a sheet metal housing.

Applications: Dental, Medical and Biological labs, Printed circuit boards and surface mount assemblies.Order Now!

High Capacity Ultrasonic CleanersHigh Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaners, RoHS Compliant

High Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are designed to meet most precision cleaning requirements. These compact units incorporate all stainless steel tank construction, and a modern, solid-state ultrasonic generator with 40 kHz industrial transducers to deliver precise cleaning quickly, consistently, and cost effectively.

The key features of this system includes: Heater that can up to 140 deg F heating capacity, Deep-drawn stainless steel tank with rounded corners for easy cleaning, Ultrasonic generator, transducers, and cleaning tank in one compact unit. Convenient analog controls mounted below a drip lip within easy reach, but away from the solution.

Applications: Dental, Medical and Biological labs, Printed circuit boards and surface mount assemblies..Order Now!

Integrated Ultrasonic CleanersIntegrated Ultrasonic Cleaners, RoHS Compliant

The integrated ultrasonic cleaners combines a stainless steel cleaning tank with industrial style transducers and a powerful ultrasonic generator to provide the strongest tabletop cleaning available. It provides the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation. A work basket and cover are included in the base unit.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners with an appropriate chemistry will remove general shop soils, tarnishes and oxides, oils and light greases. It will remove these soils from both exposed surfaces and any cracks, crevices or internal areas that the cleaning solution can reach..


Applications: Biological, Dental and Medical labs, Printed circuit boards and surface mount assemblies.Order Now!



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