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  • ESD Constant Monitors

ESD Constant Monitors are designed to continuously check the total ground loop. Continuously verifying the integrity of the ground system is critical to an effective ESD protection program. They reduce production costs by eliminating the time spent on testing wrist straps before each shift. Further savings may be realized by reduced Static damage from broken wrist straps.

Accuracy and reliability are improved with the impedance technology incorporated into our constant monitors. False alarms disappear and adjustments are not necessary. Powered and grounded by an AC adapter, ESD Constant Monitors are fully automatic and begin sensing when a coil cord is plugged into the unit. A green light indicates a safe connection and a red light and audible alarm communicate an unsafe connection.

    • Provides a green light for safe condition
    • The units are powered and grounded by the AC adapter
    • Compatible with any standard wrist strap
    • Easy to use: Simply plug in the wrist strap
    • East to install: Attach the monitor to the bench with hardware and plug it in
Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Repairs, Fiber Optics, Hospitals, Medical Assembly, Pharmaceutical Facilities, and Solar Assembly.
esd constant monitor single user esd constant monitor two users esd constant monitor two users one mat
  • Part Number
ESD Constant Monitors
  • WSM-1