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2 Ft. x 50 Ft. ESD Soldering Rubber Mat Roll, Green Color

Part Number: 2059S-2x50GN

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2 Ft. x 50 Ft. ESD Soldering Mat Roll, Green Color

Green ESD Soldering Mat Rolls have two layers; the top one is a blue static dissipative rubber layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer. Resistance to ground and point-to-point is 1 x 103 – 105. This mat is ideal for use in ESD-safe workstations as table mats as well as floor mats. It offers excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents. This mat is very light compared to our single layer and three layer mats. Applications: aerospace assembly, electronic manufacturing, electronic repairs, fiber optics, hospitals, medical assembly and Soldering. It is heat and solder resistant, will not delaminate and easy to clean.

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