Finger Cots sold by Bertech are ideal for handling small parts where a full glove is not required. Most of our finger cots are Anti Static and Powder free for Electronic, Industrial and Medical applications. Finger Cots are available as Latex Finger Cots, Nitrile Finger Cots, Anti Static Finger Cots and Black Static Dissipative Finger Cots. They are made to minimize the effects of perspiration, body oils, salts and hand cream. They are also used to keep moisture and dirt out of cuts or stitches. The best test for good finger cots is having the feel that wearing them is like wearing nothing at all.

General Purpose Finger CotsGeneral Purpose Finger Cots

General Purpose Finger Cots are made of 100% natural Latex in rolled style. These finger cots are lightly powdered. Their smooth surface makes it ideal for all types of medical and industrial applications. Used to keep moisture and dirt out of cuts or stitches. Packaged as 1440 pieces/bag.

Applications:General Manufacturing, Dental Office, Medical Office, Banks, Hospitals, Electronic Assembly. Order Now!

Nitrile Finger Cots

Nitrile Finger Cots are made of synthetic material. They are powder free, chlorine free and sulfur free. These finger cots provide the lowest level of particulates possible. Surface Resistivity is 10^8– 10^9 Ohms/Square. They are 2" long, 4 mil thick and rolled. They sold as 720 pieces/bag. Available sizes are small, medium, large and Extra-large.

Applications: Electronic Assembly, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals and Semiconductor facilities.Order Now!

Anti Static Finger Cots

Anti Static Finger Cots, also known as ESD Finger Cots, are made of 4 mil latex material. They are Powder Free, rolled and are pink in color. These finger cots meet MIL-STD-105E for holes, tear, stains and Electrostatic properties. They are packaged as 1440 pieces per bag.

Applications: Electronic Assembly, Photonics,Medical manufacturing, Semiconductor and solar industry.Order Now!

Black Conductive Finger CotsBlack Conductive Finger Cots

Black Conductive Finger Cots, also known as Static Dissipative Finger Cots, are powder free and offer a consistent conductive level. Static Dissipative Finger Cots are primarily used where static charge is a major concern. They are 2.6 mil long and 4 mil thick. Packaged as 720 pieces/bag.

Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Repairs and Semiconductor facilities.Order Now!

Industrial Grade Rubber Finger CotsIndustrial Grade Rubber Finger Cots

Industrial Grade Rubber Finger Cots also known as Orange Finger cots are made of heavy 14mil natural rubber latex material. These finger cots are tough, durable and re-usable. They are primarily used where sharp objects are involved. They are unrolled and are lightly powdered. They are sold as 300 pieces per bag.

Applications: Banks, Electronic Assembly,General Manufacturing, Hospitals, Medical facilities, Office, Post Office.Order Now!



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