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Bertech's Double Sided Tapes are available in polyimide and polyethylene foam material. They are designed for various applications from high temperature masking to tacking on glass or smooth rigid surfaces.

Double Sided Foam Tapes are made of a closed-cell, cross linked polyethylene foam, coated on both sides with glassine paper liner. Bertech's Double Sided foam tapes are ideal for mounting or adhering two rigid objects together. They conform to most solid smooth surfaces. These tapes are packaged as 36 yards long.
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Double Sided Polyimide Tapes are made of 1 mil HN Polyimide film with 1.5 mil of silicone adhesive coating on each side. These tapes offer an excellent performance in electrical and thermal insulation and have high dielectric strength. These tapes offer outstanding thermal endurance with excellent puncture and tear resistance.
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Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Automotive, Construction, Electronic Assembly, and Glass Assembly.


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Double Sided Polyimide Tapes
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