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ESD Grounding Products are necessary to set up a proper ESD workstation. They include ESD Wrist Straps, ESD Heel Grounders, Bench Mount Ground Blocks, ESD Common Point Ground Cords for ESD mats, Snap Sockets, Snap Tool, and Alligator Clips.

Technical Datasheets:

Common Point Ground Cords – CGC151M
ESD Fabric Wrist Straps – AFWSB series
ESD Metal Wrist Straps – AMWS series
ESD Heel Grounders – M1SHG
Low Profile Ground Cords – FGC151M
Metal Bench Mount Ground Block – ESDGB

common point ground cord esd fabric wrist strap esd heel grounder esd metal wrist strap low profile ground cord esd ground block esd snap sockets esd snap tool
  • Part Number
Common Point Ground Cord
ESD Fabric Adjustable Wrist Straps
  • $9.00
ESD Heel Grounders
  • $5.00
ESD Metal Wrist Straps
  • $14.00
Low Profile Ground Cord
Metal Bench Mount Ground Block
  • $13.00
Snap Tool and Sockets
  • $13.00
  • $39.00