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ESD Worksurface Mats Selection Chart

ESD Worksurface Mats Selection Chart for Rubber and Vinyl ESD mats offered by Bertech for Electronic Assembly and Manufacturing. ESD Vinyl mats are used for general purpose applications. ESD Rubber Mats are considered for high temperature applications such as soldering.

Product Name Part Number Material Construction Thickness Available Colors Surface Resistance Manufacturing Location
ESD General Purpose Mats 1059 Vinyl Single layer homogenous 0.094′′ Blue, Gray Textured 109 -1010 USA
ESD Vinyl Mats – USA 3059 Vinyl Three Layer Vinyl 0.094′′ Blue, Gray Textured 3.0×10^7 – 9.5×10^8 USA
ESD High Temperature Mats – USA 2059USA Elastomer Two Layer Rubber 0.060′′ Blue/Black, Gray/Black Textured Rtg =10^8 -10^9
Rtt =10^5 -10^8
ESD High Temperature Mats 2059T Rubber Two Layer Rubber 0.080′′ Blue/Black, Gray/Black Smooth Rtg = 8×10^6-8
Rtt = 2×10^6-8
ESD Soldering Mats 2059S Rubber Two Layer Rubber 0.060′′ Blue/Black Smooth Rtg =10^8 -10^9
Rtt =10^5 -10^6