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  • Blue ESD Soldering Mat Kits
RoHS Compliant
Blue ESD Soldering Mat Kits are designed for electronic repair or assembly facilities to protect ESD sensitive components during the soldering process. These ESD mats offer resistance up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. They are made of two layers - a blue static dissipative rubber layer at the top and a black conductive rubber layer at the bottom. Bertech's ESD Soldering Mat Kits include the mat, a wrist strap (AFWSB121M) and a grounding cord (CGC151M). These ESD mat kits offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents, hot solders and soldering irons.They are also known as ESD Two Layer Rubber Mat Kits. Also available in green color.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Electronic Assembly, Electronic Repair Facilities, Soldering in High Temperature Setting.

Part Number 2059S series
Color Blue
Brand Name Bertech
Material Type Rubber
Thickness 0.060′′±0.010′′ ; 1/16"
Standards ANSI ESD-S20.20
Point-to-Point Resistance (Rtt) 108 - 109
Resistance to Ground (Rtg) 105 - 106
Tensile Strength >105 Kg/cm2
Temperature Resistance 1400F - 2100F
Tear Strength 30 Kg/cm
UNSPSC Code 46182105
  • Part Number
2 Ft. Wide Blue ESD Soldering Mat Kits
  • 2059S-2x3BKT
  • 2059S-2x4BKT
  • 2059S-2x5BKT
  • 2059S-2x6BKT
2.5 Ft. Wide Blue ESD Soldering Mat Kits
  • 2059S-2.5x3BKT
  • 2059S-2.5x4BKT
  • 2059S-2.5x5BKT
  • 2059S-2.5x6BKT
3 Ft. Wide Blue ESD Soldering Mat Kits
  • 2059S-3x4BKT
  • 2059S-3x5BKT
  • 2059S-3x6BKT
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