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30 inch x 30 inch ESD High Temperature Mat Kit, Gray Color

Part Number: 2059T-30x30GKT
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30 inch x 30 inch ESD High Temperature Mat with Wrist Strap & Ground Cord, Gray Color

Blue ESD High Temperature Mat Kits are made of a durable 2-ply rubber material. There is a conductive layer supporting the static dissipative top layer that creates outstanding electrical performance characteristics. Resistance from surface to ground point is 8×106-8 and resistance between two points on surface is 2×106-8. Charge Decay time is <0.01 seconds. These mats are .080 inches thick and have a tensile strength of 1000 psi. These ESD Rubber mats offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents, hot solders and soldering irons. Kits include the mat, a wrist strap and a 15 Ft. ground cord. Custom sizes are available upon request.

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Weight 5 lbs