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Technical Datasheets

ESD Worksurface Mats and Kits

ESD Field Service Kits – FSK series
ESD Foam Mats – USA – ESDFM series
ESD General Purpose Mats – USA – 1059 series
ESD High Temperature Mats – USA – 2059USA series
ESD High Temperature Mats – 2059T series
ESD Rubber Mats – 2059R sereis
ESD Soldering Mats – 2059S series
ESD Vinyl Mats – USA – 3059 series

ESD Floor Mats and Kits

Conductive Floor Mats – USA – CFM series
ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mats – USA – AF series
ESD Chair Mats – USA – CM series
ESD Floor Runner Rolls – USA – AFV series

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats – 3/8″ Thick

Anti Fatigue Mats – 5/8″ Thick

ESD Grounding Products

Common Point Ground Cords – CGC151M
ESD Fabric Wrist Straps – AFWSB series
ESD Metal Wrist Straps – AMWS series
ESD Heel Grounders – M1SHG
Low Profile Ground Cords – FGC151M
Metal Bench Mount Ground Block – ESDGB

ESD Test Meters

ESD Constant Monitor of Single Operator – WSM1
ESD Constant Monitor of One Operator and One Workstation Mat – WSM-2
ESD Constant Monitor of Two Operators and Workstation Mat – WSM-3
ESD Surface Resistance Meter – EMSR-1
ESD Wrist Strap Test Meter – EMWST-1

ESD Jackets

ESD Jackets – LEQ43

ESD Bags

ESD Bags – BG

Finger Cots

ESD Finger Cots – FC-P series
General Purpose Finger Cots – FC-G series
Heavy Duty Static Dissipative Finger Cots – FC-B16 series
Industrial Grade Finger Cots – FC-O series
Nitrile Finger Cots – FC-N series
Static Dissipative Finger Cots – ESDFC-B-5 series


Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible Nitrile Gloves – NPF100 series
Cleanroom Compatible Nitrile Gloves – NPF-9 series
Cleanroom Compatible Latex Gloves – LPF-9 series